3.0Kw Complete Q-Cells Solar Panel System - 10 x 300w Black Framed Mono

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Q-Cells Solar 3.0Kw Solar Panel System From Think Renewables Ltd.

All our Q-Cells Solar panel complete systems are based upon all Solar panels being on one roof using Renusol Roof mounting & Growatt Inverters. If your solar system is over two different facing roof’s i.e. East / West then we have the tool for you to change our kit prices to match your needs.

If you require extra components please use and select from our drop down sections above.

System Layout:

This Complete Q-Cells Solar Panel System is based on 2 row's of 5 in Portrait


What is included in this Solar Kit?


10 x 300W Black Framed Q-Cells Mono Solar Panels


1 x Growatt 3000s Single Phase Inverter


Roof Mounting Kit:

1 x Roof Mount Kit for Concrete/Slate/Clay/Pantile Roof

8 x Renusol 3.2m Black Rail

4 x Renusol Rail Connectors

8 x Renusol Black Rail Caps

20 x Renusol Roof Anchors

16 x Renusol Black Mid Clamps

8 x Renusol Black End Clamps


1 x Emlite Single Phase Generation Meter

1 x Ac Isolator

1 x DC Isolator

4 x MC4 Connectors

1 x 50m DC4mm Cable 

1 x Warning Labels Pack


If you have any further questions regarding the above system please don’t hesitate to contact us.