Bunsen Air – Retro

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The Bunsen Air Retro System is for applications where an Un-vented cylinder is already in place in the property.
The Bunsen Retro package consists of the following:

⦁ 1 x Bunsen Air Controller
⦁ 2 x Bunsen Air Collector Panels
⦁ 1 x Bunsen Air Accessories Pack
⦁ Installation Manual
⦁ Controller manual
⦁ Think Renewables Service centre help line

Other materials required that are not supplied by Think Renewables to complete your installation should you select the uninstalled package:

⦁ 22mm Copper piping and compression bends and fittings
⦁ Insulation
⦁ 3Kw Thermostat should your cylinder not have one
⦁ F-Gas approved engineer
⦁ Plumber
⦁ Scaffolding if panels are to be fitted on the roof
Please note we do not recommend this product should you have a Vented water system installed. A Vented system is where your cylinder is filled via a header tank.