Bunsen Air – Upgrade

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The Bunsen Air Upgrade System is for applications where there is no water cylinder in place in the property.

The Bunsen Air Upgrade system is supplied with the Bunsen Air system and a brand new 210Lt pressurized water cylinder including a G3 Kit.

The Bunsen Air Upgrade package consists of the following:

⦁ 1 x Bunsen Air Controller
⦁ 2 x Bunsen Air Collector Panels
⦁ 1 x Bunsen Air Accessories Pack
⦁ 1 x 210Lt Pressurized Water Cylinder & G3 Kit
⦁ Installation Manual
⦁ Controller manual
⦁ Think Renewables Service centre help line

Other materials required that are not supplied by Think Renewables to complete your installation should you select the uninstalled package:

⦁ 22mm Copper piping and compression bends and fittings
⦁ Insulation
⦁ 3Kw Thermostat should your cylinder not have one
⦁ F-Gas approved engineer
⦁ Plumber
⦁ Electrician
⦁ Scaffolding if panels are to be fitted on the roof