LG Solar Panel Systems

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LG Solar Panel complete systems from Think Renewbles.


Our LG Solar Panel systems are some of our most common solar systems we sell. The LG 320w Black Mono solar panel was one of the most popular solar panels sold in the UK in 2018. 

Company History

LG has a long history in solar photovoltaics beginning over 30 years ago when they first began research into silicon crystalline cells. The next 20 years of research and development laid a solid foundation before LG started large scale PV module manufacturing in 2009 at their facility in Gumi, South Korea. LG solar is a subsidiary of massive LG Corporation, the South Korean multinational company with over 220,000 employees globally and total revenue in the tens of billions.

The LG solar module manufacturing facility in South Korea. Image credit LG Newsroom

After close to 10 years of PV module manufacturing LG are now onto their fourth generation panels and produced over 2GW of panels in 2017. As a Tier 1 manufacturer holding numerous awards, ultra-efficient cell technology and industry leading warranty there are very few solar companies who can compete at this level of quality, service and reliability.

In Australia and north America, LG modules although more expensive than the competition, are very popular and it’s not hard to see why. LG panels are highly rated by customers and solar installers alike as they not only look impressive with the black anodised aluminium frames but the construction quality, detail and finish are of the highest standard.