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Matte PV Plus

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Why Do I Need A PV+ ?

According to a recent report carried out by Western Power Distribution, over 50% of our homes and businesses are supplied at a voltage level above 243.8V, with nearly 7% of these being supplied with a voltage above 248.8V

Although this falls well within the allowed supply of voltages (216/253V) it can lead to loss of generation from your PV system.


How does the PV+ help?

When generating power, the inverter in your solar PV system has to increase it’s internal voltage above grid voltage (between 4 to 10 volts) in order to push the generated energy around your property or back to the national grid.

The increase in voltage can cause inverters to prematurely shut down on over voltage settings, resulting in a loss of generation. 

By monitoring the incoming supply voltage rather than the internal inverter voltage, the PV + unit allows the PV inverter to compliantly stay in circuit for longer, preventing nuisance over voltage shut down and increasing PV generation.


Furthermore, like all electrical appliances manufactured for Europe and the UK, solar PV inverters are designed to operate at 230V. Running inverters closer to their designed voltage will help prevent over heating of the appliance and increase it’s lifespan.


*Please note that the PV+ is only suitable for PV systems suffering from over-voltage shutdowns. The PV+ will only offer additional generation benefits with inverters that are G83/1 compliant and where the voltage measured at the inverter exceeds 253V. 

Inverters manufactured after G83/1.  the PV+ will have little if any benefit of increased generation but will offer the benefits associated with running the inverter closer to it’s optimum design condition which includes reducing the operational temperatures and increasing operational life.